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Infrared Thermography Training 
We have vast experience in many applications and specialise in electrical Thermal Imaging this gives us an opportunity to share this practical knowledge through our thermal imaging training course. Although our thermography courses do not offer any formal qualification, many courses that do so offer mostly theoretical, rather than practical teaching.
With our hands on approach we offer practical, on site thermal imaging training for maintenance teams involved in predictive and preventative maintenance, or individuals wanting to gain an understanding and technique of the surveying and reporting process involved in thermal imaging. If you're looking to offer thermal imaging services these courses are a must to get a head start in the field and equip you with the knowledge to fault find effectively.
We offer training on 4 levels.

Group Training
This course is usually one day and covers all aspects of Electrical Thermography over 3 sections.
Section 1:
Basic infrared theory covering, radiation, conduction, convection, transmissivity, reflectivity and emissivity. 
Section 2:
Camera features and functionality.
Section 3:
Fault identification. At this stage and if safe to do so, course attendees will be taken into an operational plant room on your site and given the opportunity to use the cameras and ask questions on expected operational temperatures etc. The course closes with a brief quiz and final Q&A session with an attendance certificate issued.

An Introduction to Thermography
If youre new to thermal imaging, just starting out, or simply want to know the basics, this is the thermal imaging course for you. The course touches on the principles of the thermal camera, how thermal cameras works and understanding thermograms generated by thermal imaging cameras. Basic infrared science such as the first, second and third laws of thermodynamics are covered and put into layman's terms. This is a practical course with a light and easy to understand approach. The course can be delivered to varying levels of knowledge and is a good foundation for entry level thermography and gives hands on experience in using thermal cameras and infrared pyrometers.

One to One

This is a cost effective thermal imaging training option for smaller sites. Training is offered as part of a full Thermographic survey and takes a hands on approach, showing the attendee how the survey is conducted throughout your site. This gives the opportunity for questions to be asked about components and expected thresholds of equipment through experience, and an opportunity to discover actual faults in equipment.

Shadow Me!
This is aimed at sites who have purchased a low end thermal camera and have some experience and basic knowledge of Thermography and thermal imaging. We will spend the day with your engineer answering questions and giving advice on the best techniques and ensure the infrared camera equipment is being used for its full potential. This gives you reassurance that personnel using such equipment are doing so safely, efficiently, and covering as many areas of your site as possible. Thermal imaging is not just about looking at equipment and seeing what's hot, its understanding how heat works and analysing the image to understand what is actually causing the fault With over 13 years in the field of conducting thermal surveys we know what to look for, the operational temperatures of most components and how thing look when they are starting to fail.

If you would like to arrange training on your site please contact us to discuss your requirements and get a quote for this service.

01909 860 095
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