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History & Improvement.
Since starting out as a thermographer many years ago, things in the industry have changed dramatically, both in production and control equipment, along with production demand and operational speed. Most business's are now operating a more stringent maintenance and safety procedure and this alone has improved site standards no end. This however has not changed what we pick up on sites and depending on the process, components still degrade over time and will eventually fail, some quicker than others. There has always has always been, a continuous battle between production managers and engineering managers to keep site production flowing and plan downtime for maintenance to take place. Many business's  have faced cutbacks and engineering teams are usually the first to be hit placing added pressure on engineers and managers t keep sites operating.

Why Thermography?

Having regular thermographic inspections on your sites electrical system will reduce the chance of unexpected failure and subsequent down time costing thousand of pounds in lost production and engineer's time in pinpointing faults. Our thermographic surveys can not only predict component failure but can also monitor various equipment for changes over time and give advance notification so maintenance or repairs can be planned ahead of time. Over the years insurers have upped their requirements for sites to get cover, many even require you to have at least one thermographic survey carried out per year as part of their engineering risk assessment.

Who can you trust?
With infrared imaging technology becoming more affordable, there is a new breed of 'thermographer on the market, many of these are cutting corners and offering a substandard service. If you have never had a thermographic survey carried out professionally before this service may appear to be acceptable and normal, faults may be highlighted in a report and this may appear to be a value for money service. I have come across many companies whose thermographic surveys simply scratch the surface of your electrical systems. An example of this was a site that used a local condition monitoring company to survey their site for several years; the thermographer would arrive in the morning and complete his survey mid afternoon, sit in his van and print out a report the same day for the engineering manager. On the surface this appeared to be a good service and the engineering manager was pleased he was meeting his insurer's requirements and his site was safe. I took over this site as group thermographic engineer and when the manager asked how long it would take, I estimated 3 to 4 days, It actually took 5 due to the sheer number of actual faults and potential fires that were discovered, almost 150 in total. The previous thermographer simply looked at distribution and never touched any control panels on production lines, this is where most faults are discovered. The manager was angered that he had received such a poor service previously, which takes me back to my point, who can you trust and how do you know you are receiving a reliable and accurate service?

Our Service Guarantee
UK Thermography offer a one-stop-shop for all your thermographic requirements. Our expertise and knowledge guarantee you a professional service you can trust and rely upon. We specialise in electrical thermographic surveys and have focused on the food production industry for over a decade. We know how systems operate within these environments and other processes, expected normal operational temperatures of components and how to safely access and survey equipment with little or no affect on production. Our surveys cover every accessible piece of electrical equipment that is suitable for monitoring, starting from your 11kV supply and site transformers, through to distribution boards and control circuits. We look both visually and thermally for faults and degradation, checking ratings and component operational limits along the way. Our comprehensive reporting system exceeds your insurer's expectations and gives you a document designed to be user friendly, offering clear, concise details of any faults discovered throughout your survey. Each piece of equipment surveyed is logged and included in an equipment listing appendix within the report so you can see what has been monitored and what severity the discovered faults are (Urgent, Action, Caution or Reference). This data is collated each survey so if something was off load in the previous survey, it is targeted the next time if possible. Equipment listings are generated with several years of data available, so if a particular piece of equipment as a 'repeat offender' it can be clearly seen and action taken to find out the cause, such as, is the equipment in a poor environment causing premature degradation? Is it at an age where it needs replacing? etc. Plans can then be put in place to repair, replace, or relocate the equipment if required increasing the longevity or equipment. The good news is we do all this at competitive rates and offer discounts for long term contracts.

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